I had to drop off the face of the esports internet for a bit there; save for the occasional snarky tweet. I initiated some changes in how I spend my days, and making sure I did a good job of transitioning forced my writing clear off my plate for a few months shortly after we hit the new year.

Wednesday I took my leave from LivingSocial. I realized I had hit a wall regarding my enthusiasm for the business a while ago, and it was time for me to step away. That said, the engineering organization there was always, and still is, world class, from the VP on down to the most junior dev; it was a tremendous privilege to be a part of it. Despite my departure, I’d still give a hearty thumbs-up to anybody considering joining the team there. They’re hiring like whoa and are very remote-friendly. Let me know if you’re applying.

For now, I have a pile of interesting things to work on, both of my own conception and with some other folks I’ve come to know and respect. So nothing new of the full-time-with-benefits-and-a-401k sort, at least not just yet. I’ll be working primarily on Arcivr. I’m keeping things loose for a bit and plan to just let things shake out how they’re supposed to. It’s worked out pretty well so far.

Getting back into the swing of the esports scene is part of that plan. One change here I thought I’d provide a heads up for is that I’ll be including posts of the permalink sort, pointing towards things I find interesting or will be using as blog fodder later, with short commentary when appropriate. It’s my hope you find it valuable, and I hope I can do a better job of curation than the various esports reddits do (which is not a very good job indeed).