I felt it necessary to call some attention to some pretty important number crunching and analysis that was posted over on VanillaTF2, regarding some ruleset tension the EU scene is feeling as a result of ESEA’s push to expand overseas - an apparent reality which is currently blowing this author’s mind.

Anyway, a crucial bit for me (emphasis mine):

In the last ETF2L season there were no Premier level games that were 6-5 victories or similar that would have been stopped at 5 wins if they’d been in ESEA. However the most high profile effect would have been Epsilon winning the i49 final in two maps, beating Broder 5-4 on Badlands.

Although this example has a high profile and could be seen as an unfair example because of this, it’s hard to see any particular advantage to cutting off the map at 5 rounds rather than a time limit. The ETF2L mercy rule ends thrashings almost as efficiently. It must be recognised that it’s also arbitrary though, are there any epic 5 round comebacks we’ve been denied by the ETF2L rules? It can’t be many.

There were games that could have gone on longer with neither team reaching the ESEA 5 round limit. Is the 30 minute limit too short? This goes back to the fairness measurements, ending games before getting to the 5 round magic number doesn’t seem to have produced a significantly less fair set of results but a longer time limit could iron out lucky wins.

It also tackles the stereotypical argument from NA-based commenters that the Euro style of play is sluggish and standoffish compared to the Yankees, arguing that the numbers and experience from the most recent ESEA LAN would suggest otherwise.

Have a look.