This industry cannot continue treating players as if they’re creditors. It’s unacceptable. The first obligation is to the players, WITHOUT WHICH YOU HAVE NO PRODUCT.

DRG would be owed $2000 for placing eighth at IPL 5. HuK would be owed $500 for placing thirteenth.

Vendors to leagues - the providers of venues, stages, lights, chairs, and other assorted stuffs - get paid because they have mechanisms in place to ensure they get paid. Timeframes for payment are written into contracts, and hired counsel steps in when terms aren’t met. The very people on which entire events hinge on have no such agreements, and no such counsel.

And you know what, it’s not all on the dead IPL and the new owners in Blizzard. We’re past the ‘fool me twice’ point. Players have to recognize that they are being complicit in perpetuating a situation where nobody is accountable to them by refusing, time and time again, to organize.

Nah, we’re too small. Nah, too much trouble. Nah, it would just be a distraction. Bullshit.

Players should be paid first. But you can’t cry “why isn’t anybody looking out for me” (in so many words) when you aren’t bothering to yourself.