Some rough google + keekerdc translation:

We know the industry and know the costs and revenues that are available to run a news site - a team - an event - a festival. It’s nothing to retire on right away. When we fully analyzed things, DreamHack became the solution, the next stage of development. Dreamhack was and still is the only stable company that works in esports. It is the only one where both ponde and I could get a full-time position to develop esports further. Slowly but surely, we shifted our commitment from RAKAKA to Dreamhack. Why? DreamHack grew enormously while we were able to realize the next part in our vision of making esports huge in Sweden, raising it to the next level.

Earlier in the piece, it’s mentioned how RAKAKA was ‘grounded both in sarcasm and love’ - a sentiment I’m all too familiar with. But letting a project go when it begs for it is also a sentiment I’m familiar with.

Happy trails, RAKAKA-