How many times have we seen this formula:

  1. Take one mainstream-ish web publication.
  2. Add a new post or story, something with the headline of '8 reasons why you should pay attention to esports' or 'Why esports is the next big sport'.
  3. Find someone to pen a linkbait post about it for a rate of a dollar per sentence.
  4. Post it.
  5. Get the same fucking nonsense comments from the same faceless mainstream masses about how they can't understand how anybody would spend time watching people play games over just playing games, regardless of the fact this sentiment is addressed in the first fucking paragraph; or about how they aren't sports fans, so they don't care about esports, and so neither should you because their entire world ends at the fence lining their backyard.

STOP PUBLISHING THIS CRAP. Esports doesn’t need the validation, or your heartfelt story about how you’re an esports convert. It’s going to be fine, it will continue to grow as it will, and not a single one of these saccharine, superficial missives is going to move the needle in any direction. It only gives people disinclined further reason to be further disinclined, and express their disinclination in barely comprehensible english. It only serves to validate the (wrong) perspective that people are into esports because they’re e-hipsters that love something only because it’s nascent and esoteric.

Please. Stop.