My time in Seattle is coming to a close, and I’ll be heading back to DC shortly. I find myself again surrounded by boxes and piles of stuff queuing up for boxes; there’s no art left on the walls; my office smells like cardboard.

I last wrote this sort of post a few months before we made the trip out here, a year and a half ago. I remember being cautiously optimistic about fitting in here, and really fared well in that regard, though I underestimated tremendously the depths of the passive-aggressiveness that dominates Seattle. You hear about it, and you’re like ‘yea sure’ - and then the daily occurrences begin to pile up. I really can’t explain it.

I will miss the food, though. Oh man, will I miss the food. DC’s getting better, but there’s still entirely too many chains kickin around there. I hope, once we get back, that we get into the city and eat more.

I was worried about finding real worthwhile work once out here, and lucked out there too. ‘Headquarters’ is still DC, strangely enough, so I won’t be on the job hunt yet again on the other side of this. That I’m really happy about.

In the end, there were too many things pulling both me and my wife back to DC, more than it was a case of being repelled from Seattle. We have no family on the west coast, and that was particularly weighty, as any visit or event cost several limbs and an entire day of travel on either side, and it’s becoming increasingly important to be closer than 2000 miles.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I get to see my team play at home again, hopefully in some new digs soon.

We hit the road in a month. The ‘pet tube’ that we’re hauling the cats in just arrived, and it is ridiculous. I really hope Henry doesn’t lose his shit the entire way.

It was really great that we did this, no regrets, but it’s time to be getting home. Thanks, Seattle; it’s been real.