If you want to know what was said, it can be found here.

So, for the worst reaction I’ve seen fly across my feed, the award goes to:

I see. So since he was unaware it was being broadcast, it’s everyone else’s fault, then?

I guess this is supposed to be the default reaction whenever someone in esports crosses a line:

an appropriate reaction

And seriously, do we really need to re-hash this whole ‘writing anything other than lavish praise to sponsors is killing esports’ bullshit? Because that’s what it is: bullshit. Like I’ve written before: it’s out of your hands.

A leading public figure in a nacent industry is going to be held to a different standard than your average pub scrub. That’s reality. There’s a phrase for thinking otherwise, and it’s something about having a food stuff in your stomach and your hand simultaneously.

I’m not saying athletes and esports stars alike can’t be afforded personalities and attitudes. But the thing about esports is that it largely lives on the internet, where anything can be documented and distributed - sometimes in real-time to hundreds of people. You must be under the assumption that you’re in mixed company at all times, because you most likely are. If that means you have to assume your pro player buddies are streaming until they tell you otherwise, so you cross the line and crack an off-color joke with a good friend who you’re familiar with on that level, then it’s on you to do that; it’s not on the rest of us to play “didn’t see nuthin” if you don’t.

EG’s reaction is most appropriate.