I want someone to admit that the whole industry is screwed if models aren’t found in which the audience pays admission.

I don’t even need someone to have thought through an ultimate solution, or some hypothetical price point that’s clearly going to be different for everyone, I just want someone to openly recognize that a professional gaming scene will hit a wall when the singular revenue path is sponsorship deals.

It can’t, won’t, work when the audience feels 100% entitled to esports content without putting down a dime.

You can watch your favorite sports team on broadcast TV for free, you say? Someone else is paying the price - that’s the TV networks. With notable exceptions, TV buys into sports because then they have a captive audience to advertise their other programming to. It’s a loss leader for them.

And for teams, a large TV audience and a small stadium audience is money left on the table.

But even if esports never finds the sense in growing geographical roots, and building local fanbases behind teams on the basis of teams adoping home cities and playing matches there, if it’s never impressed on esports fans the notion of ‘buying a ticket’ and DIRECTLY supporting a team from their pocket, I really don’t see how we can continue on the same growth trajectory we’ve seen since the SC2 era begain.