Good grief, I hope not.

Is inclusion in the Olympic games still something considered worthwhile for burgeoning sports to try and get involved in? Is this the new ‘Achievement Unlocked: Mainstream’?

Football, “football,” basketball, baseball, hockey: every other one is not included as an Olympic sport.

And to what end, for those that are included? More chances for valuable players to sustain injuries in what amount to international friendlies.

Baseball was voted out largely because the MLB couldn’t be bothered to suspend their business, and let their players whom they pay millions of dollars weekly, to faff about in London for two weeks.

Soccer already has the World Cup. There’s the quite weighty Euro Cup that takes place in Olympic years. Why even bother? Hamid heads off to play in these qualifiers for the US, gets hurt, and still hasn’t come off the bench yet to reclaim his main job.

Yes, I’m aware the prospects of injury in esports is more or less relegated to carpal tunnel, and that’s a good thing. It more comes down to the Olympics being a massive corporate scam; hell it’s worse than the status quo in American esports has been for the past decade.

What’s that? You mean I can skip meaningful tournaments with actual payouts so that I can play for a shiny metal disk, while some boob on a committee cashes in on a McDonalds sponsorship I made possible? Wonderful!

This is more shillworthy bullshit from people who should be thought leaders in the sector.

Where’s the talk about setting up a proper professional team league? For a single game? Who else is calling for it?

I was discussing this with Fishstix when I got to drop by the Twitch offices last week. He wondered why my blog had dropped off a bit. I said it was because I couldn’t stand to read myself repeat myself anymore.

Solo games like Starcraft are on solid footing with prize circuits around the world. Its future is cemented, its model is proven, the money and the growth will be there, whether the current lineup of tournaments entirely withers and dies or not. Team games like Counter-strike and DotA will continue to be second rate as long as those scenes are content to suck up Starcraft’s scraps.

The tournaments and the established top-name teams aren’t going to bring about the change needed in those games because it’s clearly not in their interest. At all. “Esports unity” isn’t just bullshit, it’s business model that is failing you if you rely on four other people to play a match.

But…but…hooray mainstream! Right? Olympics! Right?

Hype? Right?