…is without precedent in the larger sports world, and is a disturbing trend coming out of MLG.

(Shameless plug alert.) A part of the reason that this space has been pretty quiet lately has been my DC United podcast called the Lot 8 Update. I don’t have formal training as a journalist, I’m not paid to produce the podcast, and it wouldn’t be suitable to air on the terrestrial airwaves. Last year was our first year producing it, and despite having very little in the way of completed product, with a bit of support from one of the supporters’ groups, I was granted a press pass for the 2011 season. Yea, I watched much of last year’s home campaign from the box before moving to Seattle.

Me, and my press pass.

The major players, like Goff from the Washington Post, got better seats in the box, and there was a definite pecking order in the press interview area, but I had no lesser access to the facilities and players on game days.

MLG used space concerns as justification for granting aggressively tiered access to the press (the tiers being all access for Gamestop, and an hour of access for everyone else) at the first ‘arena’ event. I found it pretty dubious then, and that excuse can’t possibly apply to a main circuit event.

Making overtures to some mythical ‘mainstream’ audience that you figure is going to come flocking simply because there’s some exclusive shit up on Gamespot is a pretty weak tradeoff when you have to give the finger to the rest of the press that have been covering you in the past, no matter how small, or how insignificant you perceive them to be.