When it comes to retail video games, you’re entitled to your opinion…and that’s about it. It’s strange that some long-time members of Counter-strike’s competitive scene apparently feel entitled to much more, that their opinions should for some reason carry more weight than the people actually working to produce the game, who have needed to make plenty of principled decisions to get CS:GO to the state it’s in, and are probably making choices regarding who to take advice from with good reason.

A new Counter-strike title will never, never, feel exactly like the original. It can’t possibly. The only way to get ‘that 1.6 feeling’ is to just go play 1.6.

If you figure the above is balderdash, then you’ve no clue about the fundamentals of computer science, or of software development, or anything about the very nature of Valve’s corporate structure. It’s ok to have no clue about the those things, but it certainly brings a heavy discount on your opinion about the development of CS:GO. People that fall into this camp don’t understand why their righteously indignant rants about how much CS:GO sucks because it’s not 1.6 are going unheeded, or why their tournament resumes filled with dates from the ‘aughts don’t carry more weight.

A small group of prominently loud people have the specific idiosyncrasies of a specific version of Counter-strike so permanently burned into the synapses of their brains that they cannot cope with a version of CS even minutely different. Why should Valve give a shit? ‘It doesn’t feel like 1.6’ is not a problem for the game’s design and mechanics to solve, it’s a problem for your own head to sort out.

It’s a lack of perspective with a heaping side dish of selfishness. Some would rather see the entirety of the competitive shooter scene held back because they don’t want to even entertain the possibility that they might not be able to frag as hard in a new game for a while or, if they can’t get their brains rewired, ever. They’d rather maintain their status as Immortal CS Legend than allow the scene to entertain a chance at reversing it’s slow fade to black.

There’s little hope for a resurgence of CS as a leading esports scene as long as this point of view continues to garner so much support.