Not lookin that great for widespread adoption of MLG’s pay-per-view jaunt.

By their own estimation, they need about $100,000 just to break even on travel and accommodation costs for competitors. At $20 a pop, they need 5000 subscriptions just to do that. That’s not including costs to staff the production, bandwidth, etc.

Not that I’m saying that this particular TL thread is in any way a scientific polling. The hive mind kicked in a bit on this I’m sure; a downvote on this is easy, skipping an entire MLG tournament is going to be hard for this crowd. Hell, they can’t even take it when people talk about GSL results on twitter a day later.

Even so, 13% of around 2500 respondents said they’d plunk down. Ow.

There’s a few mistakes being made here, I think. Overall this needed to happen, but in this particular way? Eh, I donno.

At the least, MLG shouldn’t have introduced this under a banner of ‘Supporting Esports (TM).’ The messaging here is awkward at best, really. And that there isn’t straightforward details on the referral program, specifically what the commission looks like, instead you need to contact Chen directly. It makes any debate around the merits of that program just a bit more murky, probably deliberately so.

EG makes the case that they thought it should cost $10, instead of double that…but it’s not a very well-supported one. Then again, this price point is entirely arbitrary, isn’t it? It’s easy to say that cutting the price in half would double the subscription rate and then some, but is that really the case? Can that even be proven, or does that have to be left to Heisenberg? Missing from this rather lengthly missive on the issue is just how much EG stood to make on the affair.

That participating in the referral program would be some sort of tacit endorsement of MLG is moot; EG and every other team does that every time they send players to an event. No, the real reason is this:

To be honest, we weren’t really thrilled with the details of the program itself either, but that reasoning was secondary to the aforementioned.

Translation: the cut wasn’t big enough.

Are we beginning to see that maybe MLG is in a bit of a deeper hole than we’d like to admit? For Esports (TM)?