I must admit, team Starcraft competitons and leagues have always felt just a bit off. Really these sorts of things like the GSTL and the team thing the NASL is spinning up seem arbitrary and weird; somewhat like the notion a Starcraft team in general.

I donno, it feels like a Pokemon battle. I choose you, and you, and you! Now fight their three best!

Totally contrived.

We’ve a team sport when the run of play requires more than one person from each side to be involved simultaneously. The way team Starcraft is played…that’s not the case.

In baseball, you need 9 players to play defense. Unless your offense consists of people crushing solo homers all game, you need your teammates to bat you in once you get on base.

In football (either one), everyone on the field is involved while the clock is running.

Those are team sports. Success is gained by the performance of all the team members in concert.

I know - there’s stuff like the Ryder Cup in golf, and the Davis cup in tennis; but you’ll please note that both are in the interest of international competition. Solo sports at the collegiate level, and especially at the high school level, organize into teams for sake of competitive convenience and to allow broader participation amongst student bodies; it’s so that two teams from different schools can ‘play’ each other, instead of having each event be just the elite from all the schools in a conference.

The above doesn’t apply to team-based, top-level Starcraft. The intrigue begins and ends with decisions made regarding the order in which their combatants are going to play, what the pairings are going to look like. After that, it’s just a series of 1-on-1s, strung together. It’s no less cobbled together than the sloppy paste job the CGS featured: individual competitive units advance or are eliminated based on the cumulative performances of ‘teammates’ with which they have no interaction during gameplay.

It’s odd, I say.

Have we just convinced ourselves that these competitions must make sense because Korea did it this way, thus we shall follow?

Are the teams encouraging these competitions in a way to try and further justify their oddly strong presence in what is a solo sport?