At what point does the noise itself take precedent over what you’re making noise about?

Fams argues in favor of hype (let’s please not capitalize it) - the abhorrent practice where teams and leagues spend resources on making as much noise about themselves as they can instead of focusing on whats important: developing players to improve their matchplay product.

The core issue with this piece, and this line of thinking, is that it’s here to excuse a symptom of the broken business model of the esports team as something positive, worthwhile, and necessary. Quite literally, the endless barrage of pomp and fluff that every last roster move or new beginning is wrapped in - cluttering the scene like so much wrapping paper, packing foam, and boxes after Christmas morning - is being championed as positive progress for all.

Isn’t the real problem that teams have to involve themselves in so much miscellaneous nonsense to stay afloat because of an inequitable model? The scene’s noise-making infrastructure, as in news sites and a supporting blogosphere, has kinda lagged behind this year, as it always has. Isn’t that part of the problem as well? Isn’t this situation where teams are trying to act as news hubs, tournament hubs, gaming gear clearing houses, etc something to be remedied, not perpetuated?

Is esports about competition or outdoing each other in screaming ‘LOOK AT ME’?