I’m assuming the TL thread in question is this.

Any extraneous content production capacity that MLG had which wasn’t directly tied to their events, or wasn’t a weekly show (an odd exception, in my opinion) has been shed.

“I’m running a business” is a line he’s used before; and probably not just here. The thing is…the decisions to expand that area of MLG’s operations didn’t come all that long ago, it seemed to be a more integral part of the business moving forward, and the shows and content being produced gave the impression that they were gaining momentum if anything.

What’s the plan?

This looks less like the middle of an eight-move checkmate, and more like frantic jamming on a bilge pump.

Overall, though, this is good for the state of journalism around the scene. Say what you will about there being a ‘void’ - it’s not a league’s job to fill it. The line has been stopped in a massive conflict of interest factory.