Ok, this is probably a bad idea, but it’s been rattling around for the last half hour or so and I’d rather get some work done, so I’ll dump it here.

One of the reasons baseball’s format has the potential to create such dramatic storylines is the fact that there is always room for the trailing team to come back and win, regardless of the score or how late into the game it is. The rhythm of the teams switching from offense to defense each inning also favors the underdog a bit by segmenting the offensive segments, making it harder to establish and ride a scoring streak to a massive lead. The open-ended scoring structure, as opposed to ‘first to X wins,’ also paints a better picture of whether a match was an offensive party or a defensive slugfest.

So I wondered: could a structure similar to baseball’s be applied to Counter-strike? I think it might.

I imagine a match in this format to be comprised of less than a handful of innings, maybe three, where both teams would play T-side once each. Points would only be earned by the T-side, and a point would be given for every three rounds that the T-side wins, at which point the money resets. (Who doesn’t like pistol rounds?) The CT-side, triggers the end of the current side of the inning by winning three rounds before the T-side can put together a set of three for a score. Thus, a ‘set’ of rounds would be somewhere between three and five rounds, and always results in either a point for the attackers and a new set, or a successful defense and change of sides.

So, a hypothetical half inning under this format might look like:

  • T wins pistol.
  • T wins subsequent eco.
  • CT wins buy.
  • T digs out a win and a point. Money resets; team in T up 1:0.
  • CT wins pistol.
  • CT wins eco.
  • CT wins buy. Sides switch.