Here’s my best stab at getting the names incorporated properly.

I also found that I was wrong about the tournament hud elements not rendering when the main ‘TAB’ scoreboard is drawn - everything else is removed but all of the player boxes remain. So, the idea about possibly trying to use the names from the main scoreboard in alignment with nameless score boxes might not be a bad idea after all.

The class icons do still need a bit of work; I thought leaving the circles around the icons would create a neat effect, but they clip outside the boxes and just generally don’t look right when the corresponding player is dead.

The nameplate for the player you’re locked to in spectator was moved to the top based on feedback from eXtine. Kinda like it up there too, myself.

The obit readout was moved to the right side of the screen, as including the names would have pushed it too far into the center of the screen.

HUD Highlander

HUD scoreboard