Traditional media and mainstream fetishers around esports need to shut up and read this; if you’re not, then you should click through and at least watch the video, because it’s hilarious. Trolls, take notes.

But here’s the most important bit, the poll regarding who or what had the greatest influence on people’s choices when it came to fandom. For males, here’s the rundown, in order of weight:

  1. Dad at 38.7%
  2. Siblings at a combined 11.5%
  3. Friends at 10.1%
  4. School at 8.0%
  5. Media at 6.9%

So, we have 60.3% of those polled saying it was friends, family, and typically Pops who shaped their views on sports. Y’know, familial ties. Not because they just saw it on TV.

If you’re not in it for the long haul, if you’re not willing to wait 20 years for this all to really take off, for the children of the current generation of esports fans to have kids and pass it down, then please do us all a favor and get out now. It takes generational shifts for sports to grow; why would it be any different for esports?