In before “hey bro, you mad you weren’t invited to this panel?” The real competitive community around BF is well represented in the second half of the show, and I’m keeping this game at arms length.

BF3, as of yet, does not have a viable means of spectating; that’s what I’ve heard from those that have been playing the beta. Yea, I didn’t pre-order BF3 precisely because of this, and I haven’t played the game yet. I took the same approach with Bad Company 2, fearing a trumped-up console port with consoler features, and it worked out well. $55: saved. Being able to roam freely around the map just isn’t a priority in that world, it’s a user story that goes to die in the backlog of things that would be nice to get to if the interns have time.

A result of this spectator-less Battlefield world is evidenced by the front half of the panel, a gaggle of YouTubers who just post commentaries of themselves and others laying down kill streaks in public servers. Wooo. And this shit gets over ten thousand subscribers? I need to get on YouTube. None of them even come close to the subscriber count on Extine’s channel, either, and he’s way less pompous about it.

Yea that was a cheap shot, but seriously, what do these guys know about supporting a competitive scene through media? Have they produced thousands of hours of live matchplay commentary? Have they played a single season of BF2 - the last BF title to actually have a significant competitive scene - or any games prior?

The reason I bring it up is this: if you don’t have a means to spectate, you don’t have a thriving competitive community. It’s just not possible. Until I see a patch note adding it, I’m not touching this game, and there’s no way a top-tier scene forms that’s worth following without it. It single-handedly killed off the supposed revival of this scene in Bad Company 2, and it’ll do the same here.

Will a spec mode make it’s way in before the release? Not holding my breath. Not watching this panel either, it’s rather pointless as things are…