Behold, the holy grail of today’s esports: the yet undiscovered magic esports sauce that will facilitate a conversion of the non-gamer to esports fanatic.

I’m not being sarcastic either. It does indeed seem to be the goal line for a significant number among us. It also lives up to the ‘holy grail’ label in that it’s an utter impossibility. A shortcut to the center of a cultural consciousness - whether it be global, regional, or local - just doesn’t exist.

As if producing single-camera comedy and producing sports are the same thing.

Whether it’s simply useful shorthand for ‘taking this esports thing to the next level’ or whatever, or that it actually reflects a belief that it’s useful to pander directly to large groups of people that as of yet don’t care about esports, or that it reflects a belief that there still exists something that looks like the ‘mainstream’ of the eighties and early nineties…this entire notion must be put to bed. It’s clouding our collective view of the best way forward.

Esports is growing almost too fast right now, and it’s doing so through the internet, through YouTube and live internet streams, driven by word of mouth from scene evangelists. Is this not fast enough? If it’s not, then I’ve got to question your motives.

Esports is not mainstream, nor should it be. We weren’t ready in 2007, we still aren’t ready now, there’s so much work yet to be done before this scene could stand up to that relative magnitude of limelight without burning up.