I’ve come to completely discount the views and opinions of folks around gaming that still use the word ‘mainstream.’ Completely. Say it and the conversation is over.

There’s two competing views about esports’ path from where we are now.

One is that we’re seeing healthy growth, maybe on the verge of being a bit too hot, but that we generally need more of the same - a growing number of leagues competing with each other, spurring some interesting innovations here and there, keeping each other honest, allowing for a growing number of players to make it into the black. Yea, there’s some imperfections, some things could be better, but there’s no signs of imminent collapse, and there’s a solid foundation of fans that is growing consistently around a small handful of games.

The other is that what we’re seeing is not enough. It’s not fast enough, it’s not large enough, there’s not enough hype, there’s not enough money. They’re still looking for that perfect storm to form around gaming that will catapult it into the stratosphere. Furthermore, they’re working on a contraption that will actually create that perfect storm out of thin air. Once it’s complete, they’ll be our hero; the man that delivered esports to the mainstream! They had that singular vision that took esports from a backwater to a billion-dollar industry overnight.

We just need to yell louder, jump higher! Do shit that looks great in a press release!

Million Dollar tournament!

Males 16-35!

OMG hype!

Find the true meaning of Christmas!


Enter the neighborhood Christmas lights and display contest!

If we make enough noise, this thing called the mainstream will notice us, and when they do, they won’t be able to help themselves, they’ll love us. Starcraft, and DotA, and CS; these things produce such a compelling spectacle that everyone will be instantly hooked ON SIGHT.

Never mind this has never happened with any sport. EVER.

These people are Pied Pipers; an incredibly suitable name that Jeff came up with a while back. They’re going to blow their horn, and all the mainstream rats will follow them out of town; so you, the children, would do well to do the same. So even if their view runs up against all sense of reason from all other parties, they’re correct because MAINSTREAM.

Pied Pipers should be run out of town, posthaste, with prejudice. They’re arguing against real, organic growth, instead, here’s some magic esports growth hormone.

No thanks.