Hey, a prize circuit is apparently late on paying people. Wooo.

Please, don’t go wading into the pages of utter nonsense that follow, unless the weather has been too sunny where you might be, and you need a good let down.

Oh, and:

This will be a ruckus for a week, it’ll probably be dissected by the esports podcasts, we’ll take some calls on it, and then we’ll forget about it until someone else notable gets fed up. Rinse, repeat.

Because if there’s a motto for the scene, it’s “Esports needs this really important obvious thing we’re missing! Someone else do it!”

And before you go turning that around on me, it’s not my skin in the game. I’m not a player; I write a backwater blog.

It’s already been well known that the ESL is behind on their prize commitments. It’s also known that they pay out eventually. To folks that think esports started in 2010, this seems to strike them as a grave injustice, when really, things have been far worse before.

To me, the story here isn’t ESL. It’s the other component of the scene, esports’ 99%. It tells the story of a collective group of players that has no interest in cooperating to better their situation, as a whole. Sure, a whole bunch of whats-your-faces will pay lip service to putting stronger organizations in place to promote stability in a TL thread. Nobody ever actually does anything. Nah, that takes work! And self ownership!

Every once in a while, someone will come along that actually does want to affect change, but they quickly run into a wall of apathy. Protecting our own interests is boring, it doesn’t buff my immediate situation, and it doesn’t improve my micro!

The scene is truly adolescent. It wants to be treated and considered as an adult, while not being willing or capable of giving enough of a shit.

Stop chatting about it and form a union, already. When you do, tournaments will actually have to answer to your interests. Y’know, things like ‘the money you’ve promised for prizes gets put in escrow or nobody comes to the tournament.’

But the way things are is just fine, too.