I hate these sorts of posts, but this space has been silent for a long enough time that I thought I’d at least post a quick update.

Things are in full swing for my upcoming Seattle move. Most of my evenings and weekends as of late has been taken up with move-related miscellany and eating out (since our kitchen has been ‘officially closed’); it hasn’t left much energy for keeping up with gaming or posting corresponding snark here. All of our stuff is being packed up and moved out of our apartment in the middle of next week, and I figure I’ll have excess attention capacity to get things rolling again here after that.

Spare time lately has been used for keeping up with my DC United-related podcast with Jeff, writing some code and drafting some additional design posts for the Statecraft project, and playing Heroes of Newerth (mostly because there’s a native Linux client). I’ve been contemplating a new DotA-related project, but that will stay in the ‘might be nice’ bin at the least until I’m settled into some sort of groove in Seattle.

I’ve got a short list of people that I want to get in for a Keekercast session, and I’m starting to reach out to them, that’ll get going again in earnest shortly.

And, as for the Ubercharged Summer stuff, I wasn’t able to get nearly as many shows as I thought I would, and I blame the move entirely. I should be setup in time for the LAN finals and will do those matches, and will try to pickup IM playoffs as I can, but I don’t think there will be a continuation of it next season. It was definitely more fun to just produce radio, even if audiences were small, than it was doing the full video bit; but I think if I pick up commentary again in the future, it’ll be as a guest on someone else’s stream or will be in a different game.

That’ll do for now-