I’ve done not much ‘for esports.’

I’ve produced somewhere over a thousand hours of largely unwatched or unheard gaming content, and have not played for audiences over three or four thousand. I write this blog, a mix of mostly gaming with a smattering of other stuff.

I’ve not been to many events. I’ve not slaved 40 hour weeks for no compensation on top of a day job’s 40 hour weeks for years on end for a gaming project. I’ve not made it out of an open division for any game I’ve played competitively. I’m a silver league player on the 1v1 Starcraft ladder. I’ve not made money overall on this hobby.

Apparently, that would nullify my point of view, judging from some recent conversations. I don’t have license to say anything about people those that are clearly more passionate, devoted, veteran, fanatical, and connected than I.

If that’s the case, then esports is far more ‘ruined’ to the point where I am not capable of doing further damage to it. If there’s not room to say ‘you’re wrong,’ to call someone out, to get people to own their mistakes and hypocrisies the same as their successes and wins; the scene is then not nearly as healthy as it seems.

If truth in esports commentary is measured by the standing of the speaker in esports high society, we’re no better off than we were in 2008.