Oh noes, esports! Someone took a crap on you again! …Its not really that bad if you actually read the article, and it’s clear the author is about a year behind the times, but whatever, right? RAGE…

Duty calls.

This is the Circle of Life for all new things that people hold dear:

  • It grows legs and finds a niche. Those in the know love it.
  • Those not in the know reflexively say stupid shit about it when their mind-numbingly narrow world view is challenged in any way.
  • Those that love it get bent out of shape, and have pointless pissing contests with the uninitiated, largely over semantics.
  • The new thing grows to the point where the above doesn’t matter anyway.

It happened with baseball, basketball, hockey, football, and now soccer in the states is finally pushing into point number four.

Eventually, it’ll happen to a game we take seriously. Piddly chicken-shit articles like this won’t make a difference.

Breathe deep.

Don’t feed the trolls.