I’m likely late on the uptake on this one, but whatever, it just came across my radar this evening.

The discussion on what scenarios it might be applied to and to what degree the IP holders for video games might go after gaming streams is an interesting one. It seems that Capcom has just gone out and said directly that it’s not in their interests at all to be picking on streamers who are clearly acting in support of a games community, whether they’re making some coin off it or not, and that’s refreshing to see. However, the bill’s language is purportedly left pretty vague and certainly doesn’t leave any protection for gaming streamers.

Really, the entirety of gameplay footage that could be attributed back to me directly is Valve games, and they know about it, and have plugged the past coverage on their blog, so it seems unlikely they’d do anything. I’m more curious about how Sony and Activision are looking at this though…

Regardless, it makes my decision to go back to radio broadcasting seem just a bit more justified.

I’ll probably have more coherent thoughts on this tomorrow-