The EGS hype apparatus has come back online, and I’m being peppered with press releases.

The Grubby Starcraft Series will be kicking off with some 50+ invitees fighting for a slice of €800. Might have been better to leave that bit off. How many favors is Grubby calling in to fill the bracket? Not sure why the prize money even matters to the press or the audience anyway. Can you tell me, without Google, how much the men’s Wimbeldon winner got in prizes? Of course you can’t, it doesn’t matter. The audience just wants good matches. The pot is between you as an organizer and the people you want to get to show up.

The matches will be called by the forgettable A_Spec (sorry man, the EGS Reports are so dripping with cheese because of the delivery - btw can someone please find me a VOD of this ‘expert’ as he’s being described calling an SC2 match?), Grubby himself (yay, another gamer who thinks commentary is cake) and Icicle (maybe is ok? not much on the YT channel). Pair that with the equally forgettable production chops they’ve displayed thus far and…

Yea, move along.