From the blog of Chobopeon-

For anyone wondering if SC Center will return, my answer is that I really don’t know. You only have to look a few posts back to find me assuring a fan that the show would be back (and I suppose it was for one episode on July 4th, 2011) but, in the end, I don’t run the thing anymore and have no desire to do it on my own. The powers that be have more of say than I and right now, they’re saying very little. I think I’d be glad if it came back but we’ll manage either way.

Currently, I’m working on another project of mine and simply thinking about the future. I’m consciously avoiding any sort of announcement or hype but I do know that some folks are wondering if I’m alive and being productive. The answer, I think, is yes. On the new project, I just hit a milestone for which I’ll quickly pat myself on the back and then get to working again. I hope to show you the thing as soon as possible. I think it’s easily the best piece of work I’ve ever produced.

On an unrelated note: blue, yellow, red and white. Is this not the most bizarre design choice you’ve ever seen? Honestly, it’s 4:50 AM and I picked it out of a hat in no time. I’m sure I’ll flip it upside before long - I need it.

I’m reading and writing and thinking about the future. I can’t wait to share what I’m working on with you folks, I think you’ll love it.

Well that was sufficiently cryptic. Do I vaguely remember JP getting gobbled up my MLG, or am I getting some synapses crossed?

I’ll translate: SC Center is done. Sounds like some weird internal politics thing has crept up and that always, without exception, kills volunteer projects.

I don’t mind this hype actually, and it’s not because I actually like the guy. Cryptic, maybe, but well understated. I’m not getting sold a preorder here. ‘This is the best thing I’ve ever done’ is considerably different than ‘nothing will ever be the same.’

Godspeed, Chobo.

By the way, this new tumblr design is kinda hideous. Just sayin.