Somehow, Evil Geniuses got a hold of inControl for an interview: (emphasis mine)

ns: I’m curious to hear more about what you thought about Lindsey being pulled on to the NASL staff, it was a move that generated a lot of discourse, most of it not particularly flattering although it does seem she’s already made a lot of fans. Some people seemed perhaps a bit insulted, feeling that she was being brought on, as you put it, as just a pretty face.

iNcontroL: Well that argument can be made, but there’s also the argument that the role being filled there is someone who’s attractive in front of the camera, isn’t necessarily an expert on Starcraft, and she’s there to offer a different perspective as someone who doesn’t come from a Starcraft background. I think in order for Starcraft and e-sports in general to continue growing it’s important to break away from the mold of thinking we need Artosis for instance at every event doing every interview–that’s how we’ll reach across new boundaries, and I know she’s looking to do a great job moving forward.* I honestly take more offense at people coming from other sports just to make money in Starcraft II–someone like TotalBiscuit.* I take less offense to someone like Lindsey, an actress and a model, getting hired for a gig and she says yes not because she’s looking to get rich but because it’s a good job doing what she enjoys and she’s dedicated to doing it well.


By the way, when people show up to watch a high-level match of any sport, they typically want people that know what they’re talking about giving commentary and doing interviews. You know, subject matter experts.

And gosh, we should really go out of our way to ostracize, alienate, or otherwise call out people who are helping to build the game, particularly if they haven’t been involved since the BW days. Because honestly, if there’s one group that should be getting ALL the cash made through competitive SC2, it should be the NA Star League.


Is that constructive enough for you?