For the record, I still think the hookup with the NA Star League is some hot garbage with literally no good outcome possible for it. If their esports guy hasn’t got a damn clue, at the least it seems the company as a whole is present enough to realize they needed to pivot on a few things fast that aren’t guaranteed to end in disaster.

More and more game developers are waking up to the fact that building a meaningful spectator experience is far more important to most gamers than it has been in the past, and will continue to grow in importance.

For HoN, keeping up with spectator support trends is of the utmost importance in staying afloat. How both LoL and HoN’s spectator experiences will stack up with Valve DotA, or ‘Blizzard DotA’ for that matter, when they hit the market will be quite interesting to see.

This is the bigun. I pointed out in my post on the whole NA Star League thing that if this wasn’t addressed, they were utterly screwed.

The approach is interesting - not really free-to-play as much as a freemium model, as compared to TF2’s true free-to-play (plus hats). I did plunk down $10 for a full account a few weeks back when it went on sale, as that was a far more reasonable price for the game than what it had normally been, but have not actually had a chance to crack it open.

Maybe next week.

I think the most important thing to take away here is that HoN is determined to stay a competitor in the action RTS sphere, and that’s a very healthy sign for the genre.

But this is not ‘head turning’ - as quoted in the post linked above - it’s simply ‘not getting left miles behind.’