Well paint me fuchsia and call me Shirley:

The North American Star League is proud to announce that iBuyPower, the popular and affordable website for custom built computers is a proud sponsor of the season 1 Grand Finals. iBuyPower has offered reliable and top rated services for over seven years now – and their robust machines will be powering the NASL Grand Finals. It is due to the faith and support of companies like iBuyPower that make holding this event possible, and we are looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

Players will be using the iBuyPower Chimera XLC, powered by an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 graphics card. These machines run Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty at 70 FPS on EXTREME graphics settings. Our streaming machine, lovingly named “The Monster” is also an iBuyPower machine; we have taken all the steps necessary, with our sponsor’s support, to ensure that the Grand Finals is a smooth and seamlessly running event.

The North American Star League is very happy to announce this partnership; we hope that it will be the first of many new computer companies becoming involved with this burgeoning industry.

Wait…the hell did you just say? The first computer company to become involved in esports?

I mean, seriously, well done on finally landing a sponsorship, but you can’t be that oblivious to gaming history and be writing press releases for a gaming league…can you?

[Edit:] Ok, on second read of that last bit, that doesn’t seem to be exactly what they meant. It’s still awkward; at the very least it’s a symptom of the ‘beginning of esports in the west’ delirium, that they and esports are equivalent.