…don’t we have an organization set up for this? One that’s setup to promote the cooperation, amicable relations and unity of the entire electronic-sports (e-sports) community; to promote and improve all aspects of professional e-sports and safeguard the general interests of the entire e-sports community; and to promote cooperation and good relations between teams, players, and e-sports organizations?


SK-Gaming…fnatic…right there at top.

I think Woodward said it best earlier this week:

Anybody who ever thought otherwise, that this group had any intention of actually living up to its mission statement, or even had the teeth to do so, needs to admit just how silly that thought was, if only in the light of the current debacle.

Yea, they haven’t updated the page in nearly a year now. But that’s not the point.

The admission needs to be made that they’ve been completely ineffectual in the core of what it was established to do, on every point, in every instance. Both fnatic and SK need to face this fact. Not only have they not been able to maintain a level of decorum between teams, something vital in the highly cooperative business of team sports, but they’ve not managed to provide the unified facade towards tournament organizers - that was just as important.

If this organization is just as meaningless to the component teams as it is to everyone else in gaming, it’s time to dissolve it and bring the page down, so that we might be able to get on with constructing something that’s actually capable of bringing about a sense of order that’s so obviously missing and needed.

Or, more likely, we’ll see a post on G7 in a few weeks time after this has all blown over, and they’ll go on pretending they’ve got it all sorted, and we’ll go on pretending that everything’s on the up and up.