…and TBH fnatic is both in the right and on the moral high ground here.

Fnatic’s official stance on Delpan and SK Gaming.

The concept behind a sporting contract is to provide stability. Creating teams, nurturing talent and maintaining stability takes hard work and ultimately investment. We recognise there is value in the effort to do this, and that is why Fnatic has a long history of buying out players from contracts. We have done it in the past with GeT_RiGhT & Gux for example and many others through the years.

Signing contracts is a notion that should be taken extremely seriously by every organisation and player; it’s a legally binding document that also demonstrates commitment and responsibility, and not only to the organisation concerned but also to sponsors and fans. Respecting and honouring these agreements means players can in turn create a stable and competitive base foundation to compete and ultimately earna** living from playing video games. **

Despite the fact that Marcus ‘Delpan’ Larsson is still contracted to FnaticMSI, SK-Gaming have been using him without consent in official matches under their organisation. Until the story broke in the esports Media SK-Gaming Managing Director Alex Mueller had made no attempt to contact FnaticMSI Management to request a transfer. Since that time FnaticMSI management have repeatedly reached out to both player and organisation directly in an attempt to negoiate a suitable fee and reach a mutually agreeable position in a professional manner.

It is important that the facts of this matter are made public:

  • It is clear that Marcus had (has) a desire and intention to leave FnaticMSI and this is acknowledged, however this does not give either the player or competitor the right just to ignore a valid contract.
  • There is a fully signed contract, which both the player and SK-Gaming agree exists and have been negotiating on. SK-Gaming and Fnatic have stated this openly.
  • At no stage did SK-Gaming approach FnaticMSI in an attempt to release or negotiate a transfer fee prior to the player announcement on SK-Gaming’s web-site.
  • Since both parties agree that there is a contract, if Marcus represents SK-Gaming in any official matches, before a public announcement of a purchase or a settlement, then SK-Gaming are in effect saying to the eSport community that contracts are meaningless.
  • SK Gaming consistently attempt to pass sole blame to the player for breaching his contract instead of taking the responsibility for their involvement and “new player”.

Although it would be unfair to all concerned to disclose the actual (negotiable) transfer fee requested, FnaticMSI believe it to be fair and reasonable under the circumstances and taking into considerations multiple factors, such as:

  • 8 Months left on the existing contract.
  • Investment already made in the team and player concerned by FnaticMSI.
  • Value of the player to our team as one of the best AWPers in CS at present.
  • Potential loss of winnings.
  • Disruption of existing squad.
  • Value to the other (SK-Gaming) team.

All fees from FnaticMSI to the player, including his May (latest) salary have been paid in agreement with his contract. In addition FnaticMSI have always paid Marcus in advance as a good will gesture, whilst he was experiencing financial difficulties.

This is a very different situation to any that has come before it. With Gux last year, there was and still is contention over whether there was in fact a legally binding contract with SK, and if there was, had SK already broken their side by 6 months of unpaid salaries. They also recieved all of Gux’s prize winnings during his time in SK, which they felt obliged to keep.

FnaticMSI has always aimed to do everything by the book. We have a consistent record when it comes to approaching organisations directly and when required buying players out of contracts. It is consistently disappointing to see the actions of SK-Gaming deteriorate, the once fabled might of professional esports.

As the discussions and negotiations have now broken down, FnaticMSI would like to use this opportunity to remind eSport organizations and event organizers about their responsibilities in securing a stable and professional environment where contracts are respected. We would also like to highlight the fact that we are all, players, teams, events and sponsors alike, in the same boat. This is not a matter of taking sides it is a matter of acknowledging contracts are important for players and organizations but more importantly esports.Thus we would highly recommend that the Swedish World Cyber Games’ organization and DreamHack help us ensure that no FnaticMSI contracted player will be fielded for SK Gaming during the coming DreamHack Summer.

FnaticMSI continue to seek a mutually agreeable and professional outcome, for the greater good of all. Failing this, we have commenced proceedings with our legal experts and will aim to set a precedent against both player and organisation, so that such an action is not permitted again in esports.

Don’t see what the big deal is, SK. Arrange a fee and get the loose ends tied.