O hai TF2TV:

If there was an outfit regularly casting European TF2 games before TF2tv then I missed it and I’ve been on the scene since day 0. The only thing that was failed to be mentioned was that the TF2tv targetted the European audience (Which, frankly you’d have to be blind to miss).

The US and EU scenes have always been pretty disjointed (it’s more or less pointless either scene paying attention to the other when games between the two are mostly impossible). I suspect deep down you know this, too.

Stop being so over-dramatic.

Glad I could get your attention. Welcome to the blog. I’ve tried to turn the snark down at times, but, alas, the knob goes to 11, and on one occasion when I took it there, the damn thing snapped off. My paltry audience seems to like it there anyway, they’re a silly bunch.

We both know you targeted the EU audience. Would be nice to see that mentioned in your messaging.

But as for the passage I quoted earlier, you can’t mention Extine’s solo work as -the- example of NA’s contribution to content production, and lament it’s lack of live streams, when he was fucking streaming with the TGBF crew for well over a year before I closed the shop up and he continued on his own. We were on a pace of 2-3 shows a week thanks to the hard work of Extine, Loaded, Molk, djfivenine, wand, and the occasional guest spot from pyyyyooor. Yet, your take on the global scene is that nobody had the balls to put out such an endless spread of live coverage until you guys came along? It’s either disingenuous or there’s a hole in your understanding of what’s been happening over here.

During the several years I did coverage of the TF scene over here, there was a steady European presence on my analytics. Y’all watched my stuff. Y’all stop by CommFT every so often as well. I know I’m not the only yank that reads Vanilla TF2 and keeps an eye on ETF2L. I know I’m not the only yank that’s watched your work. I also know that games between the two scenes are not impossible since just such a match is my project’s most watched VOD in this game. I don’t suppose this match is happening either then?

Comon, suggesting that our respective scenes are so insular that there’s zero cross-pollination is just as daft as you’re suggesting I am.