Some quick, not-well-thought-out, didn’t-watch-a-whole-lot reactions from the weekend:

  • It felt like they were more on the balls of their feet regarding Murphy’s law types of issues. Floods, power outtages, no problem, really, it seems. Looks like they had backup plans for powering their production truck. The only big bump they had no recourse for was farting out (f-f-f-facepalm Blizzard…)
  • The Koreans are who we thought they were. Now if you wanna crown em, then crown their ass!
  • MMA won the tournament, Starcraft 2 won the weekend. I’m sorry Halo-ers and CoD-ers, but the sun is setting not only on your scene’s prominent spots within this circuit, but maybe it’s very place in it altogether. Hyperbolic, maybe; but there’s a strong argument to be made for dumping yall altogether and becoming Major League Starcraft. It’s all about the audience, and you guys just don’t pack the same punch.