In persuance of re-upping his ‘Shrill Esports Writers Guild’ membership…

A quote from a recent article on the NASL site:

“I should preface my article by noting that despite being a writer for the NASL, I am and have long been an E-sports fan, watching IGN, GSL, and TSL in addition to the NASL this last week and the weeks before.”

I have somewhat warmed to the NASL over recent weeks. Their obvious shortcomings are overcome by having the most interesting roster of players (I guess the insipid means were justified by the ends, even if they did invent a pseudo team just to get round their own rules and allow Grubby in). But the sentence above is what pisses me off about esports right now… okay, one of the things that pisses me off. Watching GSL does not make you ‘long an e-sports fan’ - GSL started like six fucking months ago.

This constant ignorance of Western esports before the advent of SC2 is as infuriating as it is depressing. Now, maybe this Brandon Garrett character was at CPL Babbages in 2001 or something and he just didn’t think that sentence through - in that case I apologise - but it’s indicative of a wider trend. I don’t want to sound like one of Tasteless’ much-maligned Hipster Nerds, but Western esports has been going for a long time. Just because it wasn’t on the level of Korea doesn’t mean it never existed. Is the NASL (you know, the other one) invalid because it isn’t La Liga or the Premiership?

Yes, we’ve probably never had it better than we do right now on a lot of levels, but one should never forget one’s roots. Then again, maybe it just annoys me because i wasted 10 years of my life on CS, WC3, WoW, SC2 and so on, but the fact that i was able to waste eight of those years writing about it that proves that this shit about esports just beginning is just that: shit.

I’m thinking of a common saying…something about those that fail to learn from history…shit…