The first season of the IGN Pro League has hit the books.

The only thing I can really fault them on is their insistence on re-tweeting everything remotely kind said about them on twitter.

Otherwise, they did practically everything right that the NASL didn’t. The hype and rhetoric was kept to a respectful minimum. The shows had a relative polish to them that you’d expect from post-produced content. Commentary was done by established names who have been honing their craft for some time now, not by folks that think this whole on-the-mic bit is a lark that could be taken up casually.

I didn’t catch a whole lot of the content as it originally aired, but it’s not lost on me that I won’t have to pay a dime in order to get fully caught up

They got in, got the job done, and got out - and that might be the most important thing, they extend themselves past the existing demand for their type of content, and I’m pretty sure the next installment will be quite anticipated. NA Star League’s ambitious season length seemed excitingly ambitious at first…but now it seems like a miscalculation.

All told, well done. Maybe IGN were able to absorb some of the lessons from the CGS? There might be hope yet.