Much is being made about this piece today. Rightly so, the argument as it’s laid out here holds some water, and they brought tasty statistical snacks to boot! Many of today’s top-tier SC2 players would probably get smashed by Brood War greats.

But…there’s that minor detail that they haven’t made the switch. As interesting as this what-if scenario is…well…it is a what-if.

This article that has that particular flavor of near-futility to it that fuels entire industries, fantasy sports leagues and sports talk radio in particular. What if Tom Brady was on the Bears? What if the 2007 Patriots played the 1972 Dolphins? What if Bobby Fischer hadn’t had his spat with the FIDE in 1975 and had continued playing chess on the professional circuit? What if Michael Jordan hadn’t retired to play baseball?

It’s why matches are played and outcomes are determined. The BW players might look way better on paper, but that doesn’t mean shit. And that’s why the assertion that “the competition in SC2 thus far has been a farce” doesn’t have a leg to stand on. We can discuss the factors contributing to the continuing divide in the Korean scene, and trace the reasoning behind why each individual player has taken the path they’ve chosen, and have a really interesting conversation about that. However, that conversation doesn’t add up to support the thesis of the piece, and that’s why it’s proven to be such a controversial one.