I think the cat’s sufficiently out of the bag on this one now; I’m pretty sure I’ve told everyone that needed to know first-hand now, so I wanted to share the news in this space now as well. There are just some things that shouldn’t be found out via fb or twitter.

My wife’s job is taking us out to Seattle. She’s been trying to get a field position for the better part of a year now, and we’re both really excited to be heading out there. I’ve actually not been yet - I’ve visted California a number of times, but never had an opportunity to get up that way - however from everything I’ve read and heard, it seems like my kind of city. It’s been more or less a postulate that we’d be headed out of DC at some point, and it’s a very real possibility that this relocation would be permanent.

My only big qualm about this whole thing is having to leave a job I really really love. Finding one of this caliber in general is no easy feat, and it’s doubly difficult in this area, it seems. NPR is a tremendous place, filled to the brim with awesome colleagues, and the supply of really interesting, important, and just downright cool things to work on is never short. At first glance, it seems there’s a good possibility that I’ll be able to stay on for a bit after the move, and work remotely, which will make this move exponentially easier; but, to my dismay, it doesn’t seem that it’s an arrangement that can be continued indefinitely. The biggest challenge will be finding something new that can measure up to this experience, as I’ve been throughly spoiled.

A cursory glance at my analytics tells me that there’s at least a handful of regular readers here that hail from Seattle and the surrounding area, and I’d really appreciate it if you’d get in touch; particularly if you’re in the internet sector and have some thoughts on how to get connected out there. General thoughts about the town would be welcome as well. :)