A few notes on what I’m planning this week, as I haven’t had much to write about lately:

  • Brink: releases tonight at Midnight. I finally decided to stop farting around and just ordered it. Will likely be pubbing a bit tonight after the release if there’s any servers to be found, and will try to get some mixes in over the course of the week.
  • Brink: looking into mod-ability. Haven’t read all the press on it, but it seems there might be some mechanisms out-of-the-box that could be leveraged to create some different play paradigms than stopwatch, which I generally loathe. We’ll see.
  • Brink: commentary. Will be investigating if there’s sufficient competitive interest to make the game the centerpiece of my radio presence, and if it’s technically possible. I haven’t read anything that would suggest HLTV-like functionality, but ditching the video angle makes it a moot point. Might have half a mind to call some scrims later this week once I feel comfortable with how the game works; I need to focus on getting the meta game straight first, and would like for once to not be playing catch-up in this area. If you have half a mind to have your scrims called this week, please hit me up; I’ll be kicking around the appropriate Brink channels on Quakenet and Gamederp.
  • Work: wrapping up major work on an experiment for GoogleTV. It’s really turned out to be a cool viewing experience. I’ll share some details once it’s launched.
  • Webby awards: celebrating (if only in my head) my team’s People’s Voice win in the Politics category, even though we lost out on the actual award. Onward to 2012-
  • Statecraft: chipping away at the main API interface for the game during the weekends. I’m pretty satisfied with where it’s going, and I’m going to spend as long as necessary to make it both solid and flexible, the whole thing is going to hinge on this chunk of code.