So…a team that went 12-4 last season at ESEA, undisputed champions of Gravelpit, have lost their sponsor.

Today we have decided that the time has come to release our Team Fortress 2 division.

Over the past couple years we have greatly enjoyed working with our TF2 gamers and participating in the community. We’d like to thank everyone who played for us during this period, with a special shoutout to Carnage who has been leader of the squad for some time. He will be remaining in the organization and assisting us with different projects.

Yea yea, it’s easy to come to the conclusions that it’s generally not worth supporting Team Fortress at this point in time, that it may point to further contraction of this scene heading into 2012, and that coL just wants to dump more cash into SC2 or just keep it in their pocket at this point.

The conclusion that should be reached, that I’m sure largely won’t be, is that ESEA shouldn’t be running LAN finals for TF2. It’s a money pit for all involved, and clearly Lake and Co. didn’t want any further to do with it.