@var1ables speaks of what he feels is a false dichotomy when it comes to a vitriolic scene:

Why can’t it be both ways; for example i try to tell people to watch CS streams(what littler there are) and pay attention to games that aren’t sequels to the best RTS ever made - and i don’t know if i’ve gone anywhere on either front - but at the same time i troll the shit out of slasher, fishstix, vvv and the “big” names in esports - some times i don’t know if they realize when I’m being purposely ridiculous.

And while i agree with both, keekerdc’s point that the “kindness” of the community has never been related to the size of the viewership(going along Nixon’s silent majority idea that most people who watch don’t say anything) and vVv/toptiergaming’s idea that we need to slow our rolls on the newbies a few questions kept creeping into my skull: why can’t we be talking about the finer points of strategy in CS and how WSVG/CGS/etc or SK-gaming/coL/etc aren’t sustainable as well as teaching an intro course on how gaming organizations, tournaments, lan centers etc work? Why can’t we coddle the young and be cynics at the same time?

I didn’t mean to suggest that improving the overall tenor of community haunts wouldn’t have some nice side effects. I was simply baffled that the completely implausible leap from that and gaining a massively elevated place within the general global consciousness was going unchallenged. It’s frustrating to see such a lack of perspective be so widespread.