An entertaining rant, even if it doesn’t add anything particularly interesting to the discourse on the CoD series

Seriously Activision? Another one? Now? I barely got used to Black Ops being around and yet the cow is already growing an extra teet. To all the casual gamers, have fun with your 40 minutes of gaming experience. As for the rest of the hard core COD series gamers out there, I already feel sorry for you for having to put up with yet another game that will split up the community even more and start many more debates.

I know that Activision isn’t - technically - responsible for the creation of these games, however, as the dirty publisher they are, they have a huge influence as to what does or doesn’t get created. If they believe a game is worth publishing, they’re going to invest time and money in it in order to sell sell sell without thinking of the consequences. With their terrible influence, I’m afraid the Call of Duty series will end the same way that Guitar Hero ended, dead. Also, props to Actvision for saying that “Starcraft II isn’t worth it”, that’s a whole other argument where a whole new wall of flame text could be written.

It still boggles my mind that Activision and Blizzard under the same roof hasn’t ripped a hole in the space-time continuum. The only thing that boggles me more is that there’s still a sizable contingent of competitive gamers that continue to attempt to build a competitive scene around this mess. Less than a year between broken titles, a scene spread out across a handful of different titles and platforms, it’s honestly not worth it.

If you really dig the games and love playing them, that’s fine and all, wave your flag, yknow? But the publisher is actively undermining any community attempts at building something stable and sustainable because some number pushers think they get another couple thousand bucks out of gamers this way. The days of having some really solid competition on a CoD platform I fear are going to be relegated to CoD2’s apex…