I think gaming is pretty safe, folks.

Gonna be honest, I expect more from Slasher than jumping straight to the sensational.



Scroll down towards the bottom, starting around section 801, and particularly section 5362 just below (out of order, I’m assuming numbered in the order they were amended to the bill).

The sorts of stuff you need licenses to run, things that could be classified as gambling, are typically qualified where the “opportunity to win is predominantly subject to chance.” That’s the wall between a bet and an entry fee.

I understand that we can take a semantical air pump to that and explode it all over the walls of this blog, with snide bits about which games played as esports constitute more chance than skill. Wonderful. I think the short of it is that ‘winning a Counter-strike tournament’ is fundamentally different to ‘guessing correctly that a computer algorithm will choose Red 34 next.’

In any case, the players, the betters, they’re safe. It’s not illegal to place a bet; it’s illegal to take a bet, or enable a bet as a bank, over the internet.

Unless organizations like ESEA are complicit with some sort of massive money laundering scheme, which I doubt they are, I think they’re safe too.

Ooo more from Slasher just after I hit post:

Yea…sort of. Still don’t agree entirely.

Here’s the impact.