I promised myself I’d make every attempt to catch the NASL doing something right this week. Here it is.


I haven’t looked around for the consensus on this, and I don’t care much. This was the right call.

The circumstances are what they are. The justification they went public with is a good one to put out front, that they need to adhere to their broadcast schedule, but if we’re being honest, said schedule is so saturated that it really wouldn’t have mattered if this was postponed and not aired at all.

But that’s not the issue. The issue is showing all the competitors that you’re fucking serious about keeping the schedule on the rails, because if you give an inch on this point - at any time - you end up with the situation at ESEA, where teams basically show up and play when they please. The scheduled time, like speed limits in Maryland, are merely a suggestion.

That’s not something you put out in a press release, that’s a little too real for this crowd (clearly). But that’s the real reason, and it’s a damn good one.