/r/starcraft is already doing a fine job lampooning this. But they’re missing a few things and twitter just isn’t the medium for this:

  • Cite your damn sources. They’re getting this ratings information from where exactly? Hyperlinks aren’t hard.
  • Soccer is not a fucking ‘niche sport.’ It’s just not.

The SC Reddit Invitational (SCRI), which was less hyped and held completely online without the added expense of a studio, lighting, camera or crew, drew in 16,000 viewers at its peak. That’s 16,000 viewers for a tournament that was organized by fans, for fans. That’s 16,000 viewers for an even that took place entirely online and required little to no investment outside of the equipment already owned by volunteers that helped with it.

So how does this stack up against television viewership? Pretty well, as it turns out. We can compare the SCRI’s numbers to that of FSC, the Fox Soccer Channel. It’s niche programming to be sure, and not available to everyone. On a weekend without a major event, the channel draws in 17,000 viewers during primetime. If one niche sport can survive on television, it makes sense that another one should be able to as well.

Wherever your heads might be crammed, I can only hope it smells nice.