But in Idra, we have a 21 year-old who is a veteran of esports. What’s his excuse? Yeah, I get it, people think it’s funny when he rages and he’s at least somewhat more erudite than most pro gamers, but does that make it “okay” for him to act like a dick? I admit, I’ve found it funny from time-to-time, but the whole badass thing got tired pretty quick, and now it’s clear that he’s basically a whiny brat who obviously got his own way far too much as a kid.

What is he so angry about anyway? Thousands of people all over the world would love to be in his position, playing computer games for a living. Everyone gets angry from time-to-time when they lose, but that’s no excuse for telling another player to fuck off in the middle of a tournament match – it’s no wonder MLG seemingly tried to hide all evidence of the match against Huk (which you can find here by the way).