Nothing I’ve read regarding this announcement has presented an answer as to why this, in any way, actually makes sense.

“For us Manuel is of extraordinary value in Europe as well as for venturing into Asia; we hope Manuel can facilitate a bridge between Asia and Europe.[…]

Together with Manuel we will deploy the “Grubby Starcraft 2 Series”, an online and off-line league which will be one of the most exhilarating SC2 Series Europe has seen thus far. On top of that, Manuel will have full access to both our TV-Studio and funding to bring epic matches and entertainment to Europe. We want to make sure our events are a full show with mainstream entertainment, an experience for both gamers and visitors. Everybody should come home with warm feelings and chills of excitement of what has been an exhilarating couple of days while visiting our events.”

So…how does this look exactly? Does Grubby hand-pick matches for us to watch? Does he commentate? Does he play? Is this like one of those fifty-floor dojo tower quests, in which you fight your way up to Grubby on the top level, and if he beats you, he gives you a roundhouse kick to the chest, blasting you through flimsy wax paper and balsa wood windows to your imminent doom five hundred feet below?

How exactly are these chills of excitement to be distilled and distributed?

If you beat Grubby, do you then acquire the naming rights to the league?

Even if we’re to take this bit at face value:

It doesn’t stop here. We also have experience and a strategical road-map when it comes to helping players develop themselves in the esports scene.

Oh, but it does stop here. How am I to advance my ‘personal brand’ while constantly explaining that I play in the Grubby Starcraft Series. When I become ‘big enough’ of a name, will you be supporting my ambitions to have my very own Starcraft league? Comon man, Grubby has one.

And is that really the entirety of progress in esports? The development of my personal brand? Which came first: Starcraft itself, or the top Starcraft players? Who’s bigger, really?

This is akin to Phil Mickelson starting up a golf tour, and naming it after himself. There’s literally no point. None.

At the very least the NA Star League had a cohesive thought for a league format. How do you build a cohesive league format around one player?

This is not about the advancement of the game in Europe and Asia, it’s about Grubby getting paid, and it’s about these EGS folks just grasping and flailing at anything that they can shit a press release out about.

It’s so completely awkward; it makes my teeth itch.