MLG doesn’t need television, they found out they could do better without it. Sundance said as much on my podcast, if I’m remembering correctly. There’s no gotcha here, it’s just worth pointing out that it seemed to be the touch point for his rebuke of one of my ESFI columns, which led to our conversation. At the same time he was getting close to inking a deal to…well…get back on TV.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not going to sit here and take cheap pot shots at Sundance the rest of the post. The point is that the de-facto currency in esports is hype, not progress.

I’ve noticed a breakdown in the perceived sentiment of this term lately. I don’t mean it as ‘thats so hype, bro.’ No. Hype, to me, implies a deficiency in the subject of said hype. Quality products have no need for hype.

My brain melted today over this nonsense. This is the very definition of hype. Everyone signed up despite not having the slightest fucking idea what it is.

I mentioned on my twitter feed earlier this week of some unsolicited masturbatory ‘press release’ I had received from the European Game Series. The choice bit there:

“EGS operates game content and competition on television and the Internet, featuring both paid and free online game competitions, as well as live gaming events on national and international TV channels. In this way, thus far undiscovered gaming talents on the internetwill grow to become international TV stars. The best thing is - anybody can enter the competitive gaming scene.

Whow, now that’s a fresh angle. Mind = blown. But wait; there’s more…

“Games are not just playing for fun – we now have a matured esports Market. We want to develop this market even further, and expand it to a type of World Wide Olympic level. The games market is the world’s fastest growing market and offers space for creative ideas and spin-offs.

Because if there’s one thing we need, it’s more gaming leagues launching themselves directly into the rarefied air at the Olympic stratosphere.

As if that wasn’t enough, we watch this whole NA Star League thing wave their e-dicks around and make some pretty silly faux pas about restreams while infringing on a trademark. Fun stuff. How long ago was this announced, and the website is still in the same exact place (auto-playing ad on the homepage and all; PS die please)? Why was this charade of a ‘vote’ even put into place, let alone the fact it’s still going on?

Oh right, because esports is all about not showing any promotional constraint. Blow your load immediately, and often, at the onset of anything resembling an idea. Hype the nothing you’ve got going on, and hope that the resulting attention will allow you to achieve your goals. It’s fucking backwards. Keep the indignation about the paragraph above, unless of course you can show me an operational league that delivers on even a fraction of the setup it rode in on, today.


There’s one exception to this trend, and it’s the organization I think comes out of the other end of this decade still operating. Atrocious website and all.