And I mean good dangerous…not ‘when I fail I’m going to fling shrapnel all over the scene’ dangerous.

It’s already obvious they understand what the product of a professional sport is. Do you know where you can sign up to play, buy passes to be a competitor? That’s right, you don’t. Because you can’t. Now sit down, crack a beverage of your choice, and watch the pros. That’s what this is about.

This is why the NASL, if they fly right and produce solid content, will eat MLG’s Starcraft lunch. I don’t even know who all is behind this, don’t even care. If they’re bringing the sort of cash and the sort of production they’re talking about, it’s a winner. They get it. They don’t have to stretch themselves trying to create a competitor experience. They’re there to play and get some cash. The rest are here to watch; that’s where the experience needs to be.

I don’t want to play against Jinro, or Idra, or any of those folks on the vote list. Nope. It’s a waste of my time. I would much rather watch those people duke it out, and get depressed about how much I suck. Yea, MLG attracts big names, but you have to muck through the pretenders for a whole day before you start seeing decent matches, and then you get a handful in a row, right at the end. They’ll do that 6 times this year.

NASL plans to air matches every weeknight for the thirteen weeks of the first season. You do the math. That’s a metric fuckton of Starcraft content, and you know every last match is going to be on point.

I can do without the platitude-laden intro video though. Seriously, gag me. Don’t say you’re going to be a revolution. Just shut up and be one.